What Is a California Pharmacy Technician Lawyer?

As a California pharmacist or pharmacy technician, you work in a detail-oriented job in the healthcare industry. Each day in Los Angeles, individuals depend on you to protect their health. If you find that you are facing administrative discipline from the California State Board of Pharmacy, and you face the chance that your pharmacy license will be revoked, it’s time to seek the help of a pharmacy technician lawyer to help you. You need a lawyer with the experience and skills that allow them to give your case the attention it deserves. A lawyer who is committed to helping you through this legal minefield and has a proven track record is the attorney who should represent you.

What Can a Los Angeles Pharmacy Technician Lawyer Do for You

We offer expert experience and familiarity with administrative proceedings regarding pharmacy licenses at all the Office of Administrative (“OAH”) locations in California. We also offer a complete range of legal services including assistance with applying for a license, appealing a denied license, Medi-care or Medi-cal fraud defense, and responding to allegations of misconduct that threaten discipline. We can represent you if the Board of Pharmacy has brought a formal accusation against you such as drug use, lying on applications, theft/fraud, domestic violence, DUI, or any other criminal charge.

Ultimately, administrative hearings are basically trials with a pharmacy technician lawyer representing you against the Board’s lawyer–the Attorney General. Our attorneys will make sure that you are given a fair opportunity to protect your ability to continue as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician.

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Attorney Disclaimer

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