Accountancy Board Attorneys

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Accountancy Board LawyersFew professions require the education, training and commitment to professionalism that accountancy does.

This is reflected in the rigorous testing and licensing process through which prospective certified public accountants (CPAs) must go. Unfortunately, this is also reflected in a bureaucracy that can seem designed to make it unnecessarily difficult to handle even routine administrative matters, and which can quickly threaten one’s career when legal issues do arise.

You work hard in your profession; when you need experienced legal help before the Board of Accountancy, our firm is ready to work hard for you. Our Torrance attorneys only handle administrative law matters for California licensed professionals. We have the focused experience and commitment to positive results you need when seeking to resolve a matter with the Board of Accountancy.

When Your Professional Future Is At Stake, Our Firm Is Here

What distinguishes our firm is our unique ability to handle cases arising at all points along the licensing process. We help applicants with initial processing matters, assist in cases of denied applications, handle routine renewals all in addition to our services representing CPAs in disciplinary matters before the Board of Accountancy.

Where our experience can most help clients, however, is in cases where licensees face revocation of their licenses for either procedural or substantive reasons. Equipped with significant administrative hearing and trial experience, our attorneys vigorously defend our clients to help them maintain their right to practice professionally in California.

We can begin planning a strategy to resolve your matter during a free and confidential consultation. To speak with a lawyer, call toll free310-792-1315 or send an email now.