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Attorneys for California Licensed Vocational Nurses and Psychiatric Technicians

Vocational Nurses BoardThe intense pressure placed upon most California Licensed Vocational Nurses and Psychiatric Technicians is enough to challenge even the most steadfast licensee. Slip ups on the job and legal problems outside of work, including incurring criminal charges, can and do happen to good nurses and technicians. We are all human, yet those of us who have the privilege of licensure in California know that with such a privilege comes great responsibility. Even a first-time DUI case can create serious problems for an otherwise discipline free LVN or psychiatric technician.

If your license is threatened with an Accusation, Citation and Fine, or other discipline by the Board, it’s crucial that you know what to do when the time comes. Contacting and retaining the most experienced counsel you can find is the very best way to keep your license and career when the Board is seeking revocation or other discipline.

I’ve Been Served With An Accusation by the Board–Now What?

Our best and most frequently dispensed advice in this situation is to immediately call the most experienced administrative attorneys you can find–and that means calling the Law Offices of Brown & Brown the moment you are faced with, or even THINK you might be faced with, discipline by the Board. Don’t talk to anyone but your attorneys and don’t feel forced to talk. This is the best way to avoid harming your case and your license and we cannot overemphasize the importance of this to our clients and potential clients.

Our firm is run by a father/son team, and the senior partner, Donald B. Brown is celebrating over 61 years of successful law practice. He is one of the longest practicing attorneys in the entire state and still works full time, handling a large caseload of healthcare professionals and other licensees throughout the state. His son, Adam B. Brown, joined the firm 10 years ago and has greatly enjoyed working with his father on hundreds of Board cases and truly loves protecting LVNs and psychiatric technicians from discipline and the loss of a career.

Let our highly experienced attorneys help you keep the license and career you’ve worked so hard to achieve. When you’re facing possible discipline by the Board, or if you’ve received an “Accusation,” the charging document alleging misconduct and seeking revocation or other discipline, you need experienced legal counsel to insulate you from speaking directly with the Board and its attorneys and unknowingly hurting your case.

You’ll often be told by the Attorney General (the Board’s lawyer) that you don’t need counsel. We have seen the disastrous results of this advice for licensees who believed it–poor settlements, no settlements, and often revocation follow. Clients who have never heard of an administrative hearing are suddenly thrust into this stressful arena alone, to defend their careers, and have no idea how to effectively do so. These are the times when retaining the highly experienced lawyers at Brown & Brown can mean the difference between staying licensed and losing your career, income, and all that comes with it. This type of case is NOT a “do it yourself” matter. Hire the best lawyers you can get–call the Law Offices of Brown & Brown today for a free consultation.

Let the Highly Experienced Licensed Vocational Nursing Board Lawyers at Brown & Brown Help You

We are often asked on the phone to quote a fee. This is difficult to do until we’ve spoken with you and learned the details of your case as every case is very unique, of course. The purpose of the free initial conference is to learn about your case, your side of the story, and then to quote you a competitive fee for representation should you wish to hire Brown & Brown.

Let us show you what seven combined decades of legal experience and knowledge can do for your case. There truly is no substitute for experience–call the Law Offices of Brown & Brown today