Protect Your California Teaching Credential from Revocation by the CTC

We are often approached by California teachers experiencing possible revocation or loss of their California teaching credentials by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (“CTC”), and more specifically, the Committee of Credentials (“Committee”).

Understanding the Threat to Your California Teaching Credential

While we have represented many teachers in this very difficult and potentially career-ending situation, every case is unique, of course, and requires a thorough understanding the facts, including the accused teacher’s side of the story, which we take considerable time to thoroughly explore and develop prior to appearing before the CTC Committee.

Why Choose Our Legal Services?

It is important to have some general idea of the considerations the CTC and Committee of Credentials evaluate in deciding whether revocation of a teacher’s credentials/certifications is appropriate in a given case.

Key Considerations in Credential Revocation Cases

Some of these considerations include the nature and severity of the offense and whether it is substantially related to teaching, how recently a conviction or subject act occurred, the teacher’s compliance with court-ordered probation or other terms of bail/Own Recognizance release and evidence of rehabilitation.

Types of Rehabilitation Evidence the CTC Considers

Evidence of rehabilitation can include the following:

1. Statement of Facts from the Teacher
A recent statement of facts from the teacher describing efforts showing rehabilitation with the ultimate goal of avoiding a repeat of the problem.

2. Character Letters
Character letters from persons who have known the teacher or applicant for a considerable time, are aware of the alleged misconduct and can nevertheless attest to the teacher’s good character for truthfulness, non-violence, honesty, etc.

3. Rehabilitation Program Documentation
Letters from any rehabilitation or recovery program the teacher/applicant may be attending or which was attended previously. Documentation of counselors in said programs of the teacher’s current sobriety status, sobriety date and a description of the teacher’s history alcohol or drug abuse.

4. Proof of Community Service and Education
Documents showing proof of community service efforts, education, continuing education or other self-improvement work.

5. Expungement and Certificates of Rehabilitation
Any court records evidencing expungement of the subject teacher’s criminal record, including a Certificate of Rehabilitation.

6. Therapy Reports
Any current therapy report by a licensed psychologist detailing the teacher’s participation and progress in any therapeutic regimen undertaken.

The above list is not exhaustive but is intended to provide potential clients with an example of the types of rehabilitation evidence the CTC and other California agencies look for in a successful defense to allegations of teacher misconduct.

Our Track Record of Success

Our attorneys are very experienced with providing winning administrative hearing results and have tried over 1,200 cases before nearly all California agencies and commissions.

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