If your professional license is at stake, we can help protect it.

Professional License Defense

Facing discipline of your professional license can be extremely intimidating, stressful and overwhelming. If your professional healthcare license, and career, is at stake, we will help you protect what you’ve worked so hard for. Let us take on the Board for you—it’s our firm’s passion.

Business License Defense

You’ve worked very hard to acquire your business license and facing the aggressive, and unfeeling California boards and bureaus can be very difficult and frustrating. This requires highly experienced attorneys to secure the best results possible. We aggressively protect you and your license.

Medicare/Medi-Cal/Tricare Fraud

The Medicare, Medi-Cal and Tricare government insurer programs aggressively investigate and prosecute fraud claims by providers of all sizes. You can face large civil money penalties and even criminal prosecution by these agencies and highly experienced defense counsel is a must.

Criminal Defense

Inherent in many licensing cases is a criminal prosecution component. Our attorneys have years of criminal defense experience including defending DUIs, all types of misdemeanor and felony cases. We protect our clients from what can be the devastating effect of a criminal conviction.

An Experienced Law Firm
Representing Clients Since 1952*

Here at the Law Offices of Brown & Brown, we specialize in situations where your career or livelihood is at stake, whether it's a professional healthcare license issue, a desire to apply for a professional business license in a different area, an accusation of fraud, or even help navigating the system after a mistake.

With over 80 years of combined experience, our attorneys help with these kinds of situations everyday. We have represented thousands of cases, and we give each one our absolute best so that you can focus on regaining your life.

The Brown and Brown Advantage

The Law Offices of Brown and Brown are located in the heart of the South Bay just outside of downtown Los Angeles, and proudly serve the entire State of California.  Adam B. Brown, managing attorney, is a highly experienced professional license and criminal defense attorney currently celebrating over 16 years of successful practice in these areas of law.  The majority of his time is spent aggressively defending the rights and careers of licensed professionals and those applying for licensure who are facing disciplinary action and/or denial of their license application.  Mr. Brown practices before nearly all professional licensing Boards and Bureaus in the State of California and has appeared in hundreds of administrative hearings defending his many clients and their individual licensing matters.  Mr. Brown also enjoys a success rate in saving his clients’ licenses of over 95%.

Our firm is uniquely positioned to offer a full range of services to nearly all California licensees and license applicants who find themselves facing possible license discipline in the form of an investigation or expected investigation, not to mention appeals of all license denials by the various California agencies.  We not only successfully defend professional licenses before all administrative agencies once discipline is filed, but we also assist our clients in applying for licensure from the earliest stages of the process.  Our vast experience is often sought by clients who have, for example, past criminal convictions which may possibly hinder their success in applying for licensure.  These types of applications must be navigated carefully and with great tact to ensure the highest chance of success in receiving the sought-after license.


Our firm was founded by Donald B. Brown, the father of managing attorney Adam B. Brown, who sadly passed away in 2021 and who enjoyed a stellar legal career spanning over 68 years of active practice.  Donald B. Brown was proud and eager to convey his vast knowledge of administrative law and trial lawyer experience to his son and law partner, Adam B. Brown, who proudly carries on his father’s tradition of excellence and achieving results for our clients.

Our firm focuses on aggressive professional license defense, including criminal defense of all kinds in all Courts, and we routinely assist licensed professionals such as California physicians, pharmacists, nurses, licensed vocational nurses, real estate agents, Bureau of Automotive Repair licensees, and many more.  It is highly advisable that you speak with an experienced attorney such as Adam B. Brown immediately if you believe your license may be or is subject to discipline or even investigation, as speaking directly to an investigator from any of the California Agencies or with law enforcement without counsel is extremely risky and dangerous.  You are not obligated to speak without the presence of your attorney in nearly all situations and securing our highly experienced counsel before you face investigation or even possible investigation, whether it is written or in person, it is extremely important.

We pride ourselves on frequently hearing from clients who thank us for saving their license and career after other attorneys and firms gave them little to no chance of success.  This is what drives us to succeed on behalf of our clients and we are honored to be able to regularly do so.  Please see our many exceptional reviews and impressive online reputation and give us a call today so that we may put our vast experience to work for you.

John Doe

Adam, I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for your steadfast representation in my case. Your dedication, expertise, and unwavering support throughout this challenging legal journey have been invaluable to me.

I appreciate your thoroughness in analyzing the complexities of my situation and providing clear guidance on the best course of action. Your professionalism and attention to detail have instilled confidence in me during what has been a stressful time.

I also want to acknowledge the time and effort you have invested in keeping me informed about the progress of my case. Your prompt responses to my inquiries and willingness to address my concerns have been immensely reassuring.

As we continue to navigate through the legal process, I am confident that with your expertise and guidance, we will achieve a favorable outcome. Your commitment to advocating for my best interests has been evident from our initial consultation, and I am grateful to have you representing me.

Please know that your hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed. I am truly thankful for everything you have done on my behalf.

Thank you once again for your exceptional representation.

Adam saved my business. This great man and his office were very successful in fighting with the city of Redondo and reopening my business after it was shut down by the city. Adam was very professional and got on it right away. He knows his work very well and he is great at it. Adam was very straight forward and explained everything to me as far as how he would execute his plan of reopening the business. I had to do absolutely nothing and Adam took care of it all. I never once spoke to the city or even visited, he handled everything from A-Z. Fortunately my business is now reopened and all thanks goes to Adam for his great work and persistence. I highly recommend this man and his office for any battle against any city or county in CA. Thanks again Adam, couldn't have done it with out you.

I cannot say enough about Mr. Brown and his amazing service. Mr. Brown has helped bring me peace of mind through all my legal questions. I will say that I have been a handful, but Mr. Brown has been extremely patient with me and was able to answer all my questions. I hands down recommend Mr. Brown to anyone facing disciplinary action through a licensing board or anyone with questions. Mr. Brown and his secretary are truly amazing and extremely helpful people.

They resolved my acupuncture license case with the board. The result was a lot better than I had expected. What a relief! I am very happy and grateful for their help. They know exactly what they're doing. Very professional, very honest and very knowledgeable law firm. You can't go wrong. I would wholeheartedly recommend to everyone In the acupuncture field if they need legal representation in administrative law and more.

After struggling to get my license back for close to 5 years, I decided to seek the help of an attorney. I contacted many different offices but found Adam Brown to be the most receptive and of the highest quality. He was the only one to instill hope in me and lay out an exact course of action. In such a short time, he was able to win my case. Even with the handicap of this taking place during various lockdowns and restrictions from COVID-19!!
Hiring the Law Offices of Brown and Brown was the best decision I ever made!
I will forever be grateful for what Adam Brown has done for me!

I can't believe that Adam Brown was able to save my license, but he did it! I had pretty much given up hope and thought the board would take my license, for sure, but he was super aggressive and pulled off something the others attorneys I spoke to said couldn't be done.
Board was only interested in revoking my pharmacy license, but after hiring Adam, I ended up keeping my license and my income. He kept me posted and answered all my questions immediately. I still can't believe what he made happen. Thanks so much, Adam!

I was having a hard time looking for the right attorney and then I found Adam! He helped me with my case and he was very knowledgeable, the process was fast and painless if you need legal advice give them a call!

Defending California


In California, taking on bureaucracy is more than a chore, it’s a challenge. To do it successfully, you need a lawyer with the following characteristics:

  • Unsurpassed experience navigating the system
  • A track record of success
  • A belief that licensed professionals deserve an aggressive legal advocate

There is one firm that offers the experience and commitment you need: The Law Offices of Brown & Brown