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Even if you aren’t in a healthcare related profession, there are a number of businesses and services that require a professional license to operate, and frequently these licenses are only acquired after hours of training and certification, not to mention payment of significant fees to city, state and local governments. Holding a valid business license allows a business owner to offer his or her product or service within the state, and gives customers the confidence of knowing that a business has complied with licensing and permitting requirements, providing a sense of security to its patrons.

Unfortunately, the procedures and laws governing business license discipline in California are often overwhelming for the typical licensee to understand and navigate. Even if you are simply applying for a new license, you may find that you need professional help to get approval. If something is missed, or improper documents submitted, it can delay or even result in denial of your business license application.

Dealing with often uncaring and downright cold state agency personnel can be overwhelming and frustrating, to say the least. Even the savviest business license holder or applicant for licensure may need help in protecting or acquiring such a license, which is where The Law Offices of Brown & Brown can help.

If you are not completely honest with the entity you are seeking a license from, or even if you innocently omit a seemingly minor detail on your application, your request will most likely be denied, leaving you frustrated and upset. We have vast experience in dealing with such licensing bodies and even recently saved a local retail business from certain closure by appealing a threatened revocation of a business license successfully before city business licensing section at a formal hearing. Immediately after we prevailed at the hearing, our client was able to return to his business which the city had shut down pending the outcome of the hearing. Not only our client, but the many employees and community members who depend on that business, were obviously elated with this result and we are proud to say that this business client is continuing and thriving.

It’s because of these often unforeseen circumstances that our attorneys are prepared to deal with the Board and licensing agency on your behalf. Attorney Adam B. Brown is able to assist and defend a multitude of business professionals and licenses in a number of areas, including:

• License applications rejections, license revocation, and license suspension
• Investigation and/or formal accusation by the licensing board
• License citation appeals
• Overturning Temporary Injunctions/Shutdown orders by local government authorities
• Many other possible actions against a business license and/or owner

Business License Defense

Experienced Attorney Defense For Your Business License Defense

If your entire livelihood and career are on the line due to agency or bureau discipline, you need the experience, guidance and support of an experience administrative lawyer. Those years of experience can literally be the difference between keeping your license and career or losing everything to the aggressive and often unfair California state licensing agency seeking to take it all from you.

These are NOT “do it yourself” cases, and many of our clients who hire us at a late stage in their case often confirm this and wish they had come to us much earlier. You need the most experienced attorney to fight for your license and your career and that is exactly what we do daily at The Law Offices of Brown & Brown.

Navigating the many confusing forms, procedures, requirements, and deadlines can be quite a task, and unless you are very familiar with the entirety of the license defense process, you will have little to no success. Luckily, our attorneys are well versed in all aspects of business license defense, and through a proven process can protect you, your business and career in the face of the vast resources of city and state governments working to take it all away from you.

Protecting Your Business and Career in California

Licensed professionals throughout California come to the Law Offices of Brown & Brown because they know that only the most experienced attorneys get the results they are after before these tough state and local agencies. Administrative law is a highly technical and complex type of practice which requires an attorney with great experience to successfully navigate. This is all we do and we love what we do! With a combined 60+ years of license law experience, keeping your license safe is our entire focus at Brown & Brown and we’re proud of that.

Many clients who are not yet licensed but hope to become so in the future often retain us to assist them in applying for licensure. We have vast experience in this area, as well, and often are retained to help our unlicensed clients have the best chance of becoming a licensed professional. Let us show you the difference experience makes—we are ready to help and truly care about your career. We understand what is at stake and will work extremely hard to protect it. Call us today for a free consultation with an attorney.

State Board Defense

Click any of the links below to learn more about our services for specific state agencies, all of which we have achieved winning results against, or call us directly at (310) 792-1315 to discuss your matter in more detail or send us an email. From our main office in Torrance, we work with clients throughout Los Angeles and the state of California ,and many out-of-state clients, as well as international clients seeking licensure in California. When experience counts, call Brown & Brown!

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We cannot stress enough how important it is that you contact an attorney as soon as possible when you receive an official notice from the Department of Consumer Affairs (“DCA”), a particular state licensing board of bureau, or local government officials. Once we have the details of your issue, we begin an aggressive defense to keep your license. Our number one goal is to always protect you, your license, your family and your career.

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