Optometrists Board

California State Board of Optometry Lawyers

Optometry LawyersAs a licensed optometrist in California, your license is crucial to your practice, finances, reputation and family. Losing that license, or having it severely disciplined, can ruin even the most well-meaning optometrist. The California State Board of Optometry can serve a formal “Accusation” on you which is a document that alleges misconduct of some kind and seeks revocation of your license.

You, as the licensee at issue in the “Accusation,” are also called the “Respondent.” The state board seeking to revoke you is referred to as the “Complainant,” and you’ll notice that the Executive Officer or Director of the Board usually signs the Accusation in his/her official capacity.

Even a seemingly minor misdemeanor conviction, or a minor diversion of drugs at work, can result in a strong effort by the Board to revoke your license. The filing of an Accusation against your license does not have to result in the end of your career, IF you retain competent, highly experienced counsel such as the lawyers at Brown & Brown to help you and keep you from talking.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of NOT talking to the Board or its representatives. Despite the Attorney General’s advice to “help yourself out” and to talk to him or her about your case and the facts alleged, you should fight that urge, call us at Brown & Brown and schedule your free consultation.

I Received an Accusation From the Board–What Do I Do Now?

If you’ve been served with an Accusation by the Board, you should immediately call the highly skilled and experienced lawyers at Brown & Brown for a free initial consultation.

It’s at this time that you can seriously damage your case by speaking freely with the Attorney General (something we NEVER let our clients do!). We can think of countless times we’re been hired on cases with the Board where we have had to do extensive, emergency “clean up” of the mess our client has inadvertently created by discussing any aspect of the case with the Attorney General. Don’t put yourself in this position–call the highly experienced attorneys at Brown & Brown for a free initial consultation today.

Let our phenomenal and aggressive attorneys represent you and insulate you from harming your case and your license. Once we are retained, you will no longer hear from the Board or its attorneys while the case is pending. We handle all communications, negotiations, and discussions with the Board on your behalf.