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California Osteopathic Medical Board Lawyers

One of the most alarming events in a California Osteopath’s career can be the receipt of an “Accusation” by the Board. An Accusation is a document that alleges some misconduct or impropriety by the licensee and seeks revocation of that license. It’s extremely serious and can potentially end one’s career if not handled carefully and competently.When you receive an Accusation by the Board, a Citation, Citation and Fine, or if you even suspect you MIGHT be investigated by the Board, you should immediately contact the highly experienced attorneys at Brown & Brown to schedule a free initial consultation. We have a combined 71+ years of legal experienced and have seen every type of case the Board can bring–we WILL help you protect your career.

Don’t Face the Board Alone — Call Brown & Brown and Protect Yourself from Revocation

When the Board takes disciplinary action, it can proceed in a number of different ways. The most serious one is the filing of an “Accusation” against an Osteopath which is a legal document that alleges some misconduct or wrongdoing and then asks the OAH (Office of Administrative Hearings) to revoke that person’s license. It is extremely serious, and very strict time constraints are involved regarding your response. Our attorneys know that our clients always fare best when they hire our attorneys at the VERY OUTSET OF THE CASE so that we can minimize any harm that might otherwise be done to their cases by speaking with the Attorney General (the Board’s lawyer), investigators, inspectors, DEA agents, and other officials who often can and do approach an accused licensee seeking information and admissions.

What we routinely tell our clients is NOT TO TALK TO ANYONE BUT OUR ATTORNEYS about your case. This advice cannot be emphasized enough. Our lawyers are highly experienced in handling cases before all the California boards and especially before the Osteopathic Medical Board and we pride ourselves on our excellent reputation for aggressive representation of our clients with honesty and sympathy for their situation.

Our firm has seen and handled just about every case the Board can bring against a licensee–from relatively minor criminal convictions to cases involving patient deaths, serious substance abuse problems, and even Medi-Cal/Medicare fraud with the agencies seeking penalties in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Adam B. Brown has over 10 years of experience and greatly enjoys trying cases before the Office of Administrative Hearings statewide. The combination of “experience and energy,” as they like to call it, consistently gets our clients the best results possible.

They also routinely handle Petitions for Reinstatement of Osteopathic licenses and requests for background information on any criminal convictions a licensee may have. Citations and Fines are also an area they are thoroughly familiar with.

Give Brown & Brown a call today for a free initial consultation. We will answer your questions and speak with you about fees openly and honestly in an effort to focus on protecting your license and career at all costs.