What Is a CA Nurse Attorney Accusation?

The California Board of Registered Nursing files countless accusations each year against registered nurses in the state of California. The vast majority of them are filed due to alleged unprofessional conduct and/or criminal convictions. A small number are filed due to gross negligence, violations against the Nursing Practice Act, and incompetence.

The first consideration that should be made when defending against a CA Nurse accusation is to hire a professional CA Board of Registered Nursing attorney to represent you in all communication, at hearings, or in a trial. Their role is to develop evidence with your help in order to address your claim the best way possible. They strive to protect your rights throughout the entire legal process and will fight for your right to maintain your nursing license.

How a CA Nurse Attorney Can Help

A CA Nurse attorney can help as they are aware of all of the laws associated with a nursing license in California. They also have access to the disciplinary guidelines of the board. They will have experience fighting cases like yours and have a proven track record of success. This attorney can argue for a reduction of discipline or to have the accusation expunged from your record entirely. They can represent you in order to help save your nursing license from revocation. They also can provide you the peace of mind you need during this difficult time. It’s important to never wait to deal with a serious allegation such as this so the sooner you begin defending yourself, the more likely it will be resolved how you want it to be.

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Attorney Disclaimer

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