Protect Your License with the Counsel of a CA Contractor License Lawyer

The Contractors State License Board, or CSLB, licenses all contractors who work in construction fields across the state. These professionals experience stress and the challenges associated with meeting the demands of budgets, customers, and hiring professional subcontractors or employees. Any slip-up can lead to an investigation by the CSLB and more serious discretions can lead to the board attempting to revoke the license. Many times, a licensee doesn’t even realize that their conduct is even a violation; however when this happens, hiring a CA Contractor License lawyer with experience in contractor license defense is important.

I’ve Received a Complaint, Now What Do I Do?

When you’ve been served with a formal complaint or accusation, this document dictates what violations you have committed that is in violation of your license. This case can damage your career immensely. Most of our contractor clients are relieved after they retain our professional counsel as they believe in our service and know we have experience fighting cases much like yours.

We allow our clients to focus on their business and allow us, the professionals, to work to protect their license. Communication with the board should be done by attorneys only. We understand the process and know what to do and what to say to protect your career. Whatever the case, hiring expert legal counsel is imperative for any instance where your professional license may be in jeopardy.

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When you call to speak to a CA Contractor License lawyer at our law firm; you will discuss your case, tell your story, and have any questions you need answered. This important conversation helps to establish the client/attorney relationship that is so important. We pride ourselves on listening closely to our client’s needs and helping them to continue on with their life and career while we work diligently to protect their rights. To have a free consultation with a professional Los Angeles attorney today, call 310-792-1315.


Attorney Disclaimer

This blog is meant to provide information on current news and general information. It is not intended to constitute legal advice, nor is any attorney-client relationship established by its posting on this website. If you are facing a situation that involves your professional license, consult with a licensed attorney.