Covid Crisis Causes Rise In Scams

We have learned that, unfortunately, scammers are using the Covid-19 pandemic to try to steal your Medicare number, personal info and money.  This despicable conduct is being done using robocalls, social media posts, and emails to do it.

Some examples of this reprehensible conduct include: Robocalls offering to sell you respiratory masks which are never received, social media posts seeking donations for non-existent charities or even claiming to give the victim federal stimulus funds if the victim enters his or her bank account information first.  Even more troubling is the offering for sale of fake testing kits for Covid-19, fake cures and ridiculous “immunity pills” and offers to sell fake PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

It is very difficult for most decent people to comprehend the victimization of people during a pandemic like Covid-19, but sadly, such things occur and we want our clients and potential clients to be protected and aware of such scams.

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