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Nursing is an important job in today’s healthcare industry. As a registered nurse in California, you provide important health care during stressful situations where patients’ health is in your hands. For all of this hard work, it’s important you have the representation of a CA Board of Registered Nursing attorney when you need it most.

When you face disciplinary action for alleged misconduct or a recent arrest, you need legal representation. If you’ve been notified of an allegation from the California Board of Registered Nursing, never talk to the board or an investigator yourself as this can harm your case. A CA Board of Registered Nursing attorney can help protect your future, your job, and most importantly, your license.

How a CA Board of Registered Nursing Attorney Can Help Your Case

When facing disciplinary action including the possible loss of your nursing license because of allegations or misconducts, it’s important to have the help of an expert attorney by your side. We can help registered nurses who are facing allegations or have been convicted or arrested for theft, domestic violence, lying on an application, drug use, or DUI to name a few charges.

When you hire us, we immediately begin preparing a strong defense of the claims made against you. We can use our years of experience and understanding of the law to give you the fair chance you deserve during hearings or trials.

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When you call our legal office to speak to a CA Board of Registered Nursing attorney, we will have an important consultation with you. During this important conversation, we will discuss your case, hear your side, and offer expert advice. If you hire us to represent you, we will navigate you through the legal process and protect your rights along the way. To learn more about our legal services in Torrance, Los Angeles, and the surrounding communities; please call 310-792-1315.


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