Beware of Incoming Pharmacy Scam Calls!

Re: CA Board of Pharmacy (BOP)

California pharmacies have recently reported receiving calls from scamsters purporting to be calling from the California Board of Pharmacy and then fraudulently requesting information about the pharmacies’ licenses or DEA registrations.  This is all highly improper and absolutely fraudulent and California pharmacists and pharmacies should absolutely refuse to provide any such info to these callers, of course.

Earlier scams involving California pharmacies revealed callers falsely claiming a pharmacist or pharmacy was under investigation by the Board, the DEA or another governmental agency and even went to so far as to warn licensees that, unless they paid some absurd “fine,” their license would be subject to investigation.  All of these claims were and are completely fraudulent, of course, and pharmacists should be aware of these scams to avoid problems with the Board, DEA, etc.  These calls are simply obvious attempts to extort money and information from licensees and anyone who may have inadvertently disclosed information to these fraudsters is advised to contact the Board immediately to discuss the matter with an inspector.  If you are concerned about discussing such a matter yourself, our attorneys can and will assist you with making such a report and will protect you and your license from harm by insulating you from speaking with the Board directly.

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