How to Prepare for a California Pharmacy Board Inspection

We receive countless requests from clients asking how to best prepare for a California Pharmacy Board inspection.  Our first rule of thumb is to make sure that all patient files are stored on site and readily available for the inspector to review.  Next, we strongly urge our clients not to have extensive discussions with the inspector, but to ask that he/she contact us as counsel for the pharmacy/pharmacist to discuss and cooperate on the client’s behalf, which we often do.

Here is a recent video posted by the California Board of Pharmacy which gives some general information, from the Board’s point of view, on how to prepare for a Board inspection:

The less a pharmacist says to the inspector, other than what is absolutely necessary to be polite and to direct the inspector to the patient files or other documents he/she is entitled to view, the better.  Many clients feel great relief in retaining us BEFORE a Board inspection occurs, or if they even suspect there may be any kind of investigation coming.  They know that having our firm ready and eager to speak with the inspector on their behalf means the client will be less likely to make any damaging statements or admissions which can often result in disciplinary action being taken by the Board, up to and including revocation.

You are obligated to cooperate, but you are NOT required to make damaging statements against yourself or your pharmacy.  This is a very tricky situation to be in as a pharmacist or pharmacy under inspection.  We will handle it for you–call us today for a free consultation.


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