Protect Your Rights with the Help of a Medical Fraud Attorney in Los Angeles

Oftentimes, government agencies regard billing errors as fraud or abuse of the system. They have also become more aggressive in their pursuit of healthcare providers on these alleged fraud issues. The need for seasoned legal representation from a medical fraud attorney in Los Angeles is important. The difference between a billing error and prosecution for a civil False Claims Act depends on the counsel you hire.

Our professional team of lawyers represents every type of healthcare provider whether they are hospitals, pharmacists, hospital associations, doctors, laboratories, urgent care clinics, and more. Our clients also include medical device manufacturers and managed care companies in and around Torrance and Los Angeles. We have years of experience in state and federal court fighting for our client’s rights diligently.

What Are Some Examples of Medical Fraud?

Some of the most common types of medical fraud situations include:

  • Billing for services not rendered
  • Filing misleading cost reports that are exaggerated
  • Submitted false reports
  • Offering kickbacks/bribes
  • Marketing drugs/medical devices for non-approved purposes knowingly

Our expert legal team has experience working on both fraud and abuse cares and are extremely knowledgeable regarding all of the criminal statutes associated with them. We take great care to fully research and strategize each case so that we can give our clients the results they deserve. We work hard to find creative solutions for our client’s problems throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Call an Expert Medical Fraud Attorney Today

Our legal team takes time to listen to your needs. We offer free consultations for all clients to discuss their cases and possible solutions. During this free consultation, we determine if we feel we can successfully fight your case for you. To learn more and to speak to one of our medical fraud attorneys today, call 310-792-1315.


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