How a Dental Board Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Rights

In the state of California, any complaints against a dentist undergoes an extensive review process with the Dental Board of California. If during this process the board’s Enforcement Program determines that further investigation is deemed necessary, the possibility of someone’s license being revoked increases. Having an experienced Los Angeles dental board lawyer by your side helps to protect you.

Filed complaints generally revolve around drug, alcohol, or controlled substance use as well as repeated negligence or criminal activity. These complaints can be filed by workers, patients, law enforcement, health care providers, or anyone the board deems necessary. Depending on the degree of the violation, the dentist may face a misdemeanor and a small fine or for more serious offenses, formal charges. We can investigate your case and represent you the way you deserve.

Why Should I Hire a Dental Board Lawyer?

As soon as you’re aware of the filing of an accusation against you, you need to hire legal counsel to represent you. Our years of experience allows us to help protect your license and your career. We take the reins and navigate through the legal process for you. This allows you to take some stress off your shoulders as we fight hard to protect your rights throughout the entire case. Our extensive experience allows us to ease your mind as we are skilled and experienced in cases like yours.

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Our team of California Dental Board lawyers can handle cases in the pre-accusation, investigation stage, or petitions to reinstatement a license too. We have experience in early termination of probation, citations, fines, and Writs of Mandates. Whatever it is, we as a dental board lawyer in California can help ensure your license and career is protected. We represent clients in Torrance, Los Angeles, and all surrounding communities. To call our dental board lawyer to discuss your case, call 310-792-1315 today.


Attorney Disclaimer

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