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What Is a California Pharmacy Technician Lawyer?

By Adam Brown / Sep 11, 2018

As a California pharmacist or pharmacy technician, you work in a detail-oriented job in the healthcare industry. Each day in Los Angeles, individuals depend on you to protect their health. If you find that you…

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How a Medicare Fraud Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles Can Help You

By Adam Brown / Sep 10, 2018

A professional Medicare defense lawyer can defend both providers and suppliers as well as patients who are suspected of Medicare fraud. Our team of attorneys in Los Angeles has experience in audits, health care fraud…

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How a Medical License Application Lawyer Can Lower Your Stress

By Adam Brown / Aug 28, 2018

The process of getting your medical license can seem daunting. However, with the help of a medical license application lawyer in Los Angeles, the process can be streamlined. A professional attorney will have assisted or…

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Protect Your Rights with the Help of a Medical Fraud Attorney in Los Angeles

By Adam Brown / Aug 21, 2018

Oftentimes, government agencies regard billing errors as fraud or abuse of the system. They have also become more aggressive in their pursuit of healthcare providers on these alleged fraud issues. The need for seasoned legal…

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Hire a Torrance Healthcare License Attorney to Represent You

By Adam Brown / Aug 14, 2018

A healthcare license attorney in California represents clients before the Medical Board of California. They are there not to be confrontational, but to present your case and to document a record for judicial review. Your…

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What a Healthcare Fraud Attorney in Los Angeles Can Do for Your Case

By Adam Brown / Aug 7, 2018

Healthcare fraud accusations are very serious and should be acted upon immediately. If you have been accused of this serious crime; you could face fines, significant jail time, and loss of your professional license. When…

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How a Dental Board Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Rights

By Adam Brown / Jul 31, 2018

In the state of California, any complaints against a dentist undergoes an extensive review process with the Dental Board of California. If during this process the board’s Enforcement Program determines that further investigation is deemed…

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How a Chiropractic Board Lawyer Can Help You in California

By Adam Brown / Jul 24, 2018

All California chiropractors are required to complete a Doctor of Chiropractic degree in addition to being licensed by the state board, also known as the Board of Chiropractic Examiners. This process takes years of study,…

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Hire a CA Teacher License Attorney Today to Present You at Administrative Hearings

By Adam Brown / Jul 17, 2018

If you’re an educator or teaching in California and have been notified by the California Commission on Teacher Credentiality that you’re under investigation for misconduct, suspension, or revocation of your teacher license; it’s time to…

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Fight for Your Rights With The Help of a Los Angeles CA Pharmacy Board Lawyer

By Adam Brown / Jul 10, 2018

The mission of the Board of Pharmacy in California is to protect the health and safety of all state residents with licensing, regulation, and enforcement of the law. This board carefully reviews all complaints submitted…

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