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Medical Board Attorneys

California Medical Board Investigation Attorneys

As a physician, you must successfully negotiate stressful, high-stakes situations on a daily basis.While your years of education, training and practice have given you true expertise in your specialized area of medicine, the legal and bureaucratic matters that impact your ability to work may understandably remain a mystery. When facing accusations of professional misconduct or otherwise being subject to potential disciplinary action, you realize just how important it is to have help as experienced with legal issues as you are in your area of practice.At the Law Offices of Brown & Brown, helping physicians and other health care professionals face the Medical Board of California is one of our primary areas of focus. We know that hardworking doctors can confront a wide array of legal and administrative challenges, and they deserve superior legal counsel to ensure that legal problems do not pose undue burdens on their ability to succeed in the medical field. At our firm, we use decades of experience in the legal and administrative process so you can continue to use your expertise to help your patients.

Medi-Cal & Medicare Fraud

Administrative law is an area where experience navigating complex bureaucracy matters more than almost anywhere else. Few firms in the state can match our knowledge of administrative matters; our founding attorney, Donald B. Brown, practiced in California for more than 62 years.

Learn How An Experienced Administrative Lawyer Can Help You

From the earliest days of any investigation, the Medical Board or M/C or TPP (Third Party Payor) is busy gathering information it may use to build a case against you.

Whether the issue is alleged negligence, DUI, health care fraud or improper conduct with colleagues or patients, the Board and its lawyers will be committed to gathering information that may be used against you. Not only can our attorneys begin preparing a vigorous defense from day one; we can also tell you what your rights are, and help you prepare a plan to deal with the investigation and avoid communications that could be used against you. We are thorough in our case preparation and aggressive in our oral advocacy in trials and administrative hearings — this is a combination you cannot afford to do without as you seek to protect your ability to practice medicine in the Golden State.

Regardless Of Where You Practice In California, Our Firm Can Help You

We represent physicians statewide from our Torrance offices. Arrange a confidential consultation by emailing us or call toll free310-792-1315.

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