Psychologists Board

California Board Of Psychology Lawyers

Psychology LawyersPracticing California psychologists are held to very high standards of conduct, patient confidentiality and trust by their patients and the California Board of Psychology.

This considerable responsibility often carries with it great stress and pressure on the psychologist, who can on occasion make a mistake or inadvertently err in treating a particular patient or patients.

The California Board of Psychology may end up filing a formal complaint against a psychologist, also called an “Accusation” which seeks to discipline or revoke the practitioner’s license. This is a very serious matter and one which requires experienced administrative law attorneys—this is precisely what our attorneys at Brown & Brown do every day. Before you handle a case of this magnitude on your own, which is never a wise idea, call the professionals at Brown & Brown to retain a highly experienced attorney who has practiced before the Psychology Board for many years.

Our founding partner, Donald B. Brown, practiced for over 60 years before retiring, and his son, Adam B. Brown, is now celebrating his 10th year of practice focused primarily on representing health care and other licensed professionals in California before most of the boards in the state.

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