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Upsetting Results for CPJE Applicants

By Adam Brown / Oct 31, 2019

A very controversial and, for many California pharmacist applicants, upsetting decision was recently made by the California Board of Pharmacy to invalidate the results of the California Practice Standards and Jurisprudence Examination for Pharmacists (“CPJE”)…

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A Compromised CPJE Exam and How It Could Affect You

By Adam Brown / Sep 25, 2019

Sometimes there are hiccups in the system, and it’s not always clear what the effects might be on you personally. Recently, it was discovered that the CPJE Exam had been compromised, and it has left…

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How to Prepare for a California Pharmacy Board Inspection

By Adam Brown / Sep 22, 2019

We receive countless requests from clients asking how to best prepare for a California Pharmacy Board inspection.  Our first rule of thumb is to make sure that all patient files are stored on site and…

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How a Veterinary Medical Board Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Career

By Adam Brown / Oct 16, 2018

California veterinarians have a hard job that consists of seeing animals in pain and dealing with their emotional owners. Any problem such as the filing of criminal charges against the vet, substance abuse allegations, family…

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Hire a Smog Check State Lawyer to Help You Today

By Adam Brown / Oct 9, 2018

The Bureau of Automotive Repair in California is responsible for all automotive repair dealers and smog check stations in the state. A licensed station or technician can be served with an accusation or a written…

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Hire a Los Angeles Lawyer to Represent You in Respiratory Care Practitioner License Hearings

By Adam Brown / Oct 2, 2018

Respiratory care practitioners are responsible for providing essential duties to healthcare facilities and hospitals in California. They treat patients with breathing-related medical conditions and complications as well as be fully knowledgeable and trained in their…

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How a Physician License Lawyer Can Protect Your Career and License

By Adam Brown / Sep 25, 2018

As a physician, you spend years of education and training in order to offer medical care in your chosen specialized medicine area. The legal matters that impact your ability to work can be difficult to…

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What a Physical Therapy Board Lawyer Can Do for Your Case

By Adam Brown / Sep 18, 2018

The Physical Therapy Board of California or PTB is responsible for the licensing and enforcement of licensing laws in the state. The Physical Therapist License disciplinary process is complicated and time-consuming. However, a physical therapy…

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What Is a California Pharmacy Technician Lawyer?

By Adam Brown / Sep 11, 2018

As a California pharmacist or pharmacy technician, you work in a detail-oriented job in the healthcare industry. Each day in Los Angeles, individuals depend on you to protect their health. If you find that you…

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How a Medicare Fraud Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles Can Help You

By Adam Brown / Sep 10, 2018

A professional Medicare defense lawyer can defend both providers and suppliers as well as patients who are suspected of Medicare fraud. Our team of attorneys in Los Angeles has experience in audits, health care fraud…

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